Referral Program

You can be a Sales Representative for Bryan Lowry /

Commission is 20% and is based on the retail total not including tax and shipping.

If I'm currently retailing at your gallery or store it's our agreed percentage.

It works for individuals and businesses including galleries, gift shops, real estate agents, vacation rentals, etc... As a sales rep, you’re eligible to purchase metal prints at wholesale plus the cost of shipping for display purposes at a business or staging for real estate sales. Choices can't conflict with nearby galleries or businesses. The code is good forever. Well, until I die. After that, it depends on who inherits my website.

If any large volume discounts are given the commission rate drops to 10%. Large volume sales are often wholesale pricing, so I’m getting 50% less. 

Below is an example of a 20 x 30 metal print sale.

Retail no frame $550.

$550 x 20% = $110 commission.

You’ll have access to a personal Google documents spreadsheet where all sales are recorded.

Metal prints are only offered at this time. Kodak stopped manufacturing metallic paper. I have yet to find a suitable replacement. More on that in a future blog post.

How do you know I report all sales with your referral code? I haven’t succeeded in business for over 20 years by being dishonest. Customers can easily ask if you got your commission.

When an online sale comes through without a code I always ask if one was given and maybe they forgot to use it.

Below are 3 samples of the referral code card(s). Your code appears where it says “Sample”.

Print and post the card next to the displayed work. Also, text the card to others.

Metal cards can also be ordered along with your metal prints.

I can assign the code or you can request one.

(The actual contract will have your card) All images copyright Bryan Lowry /

If interested contact me and we can discuss the details. - Subject " - Gallery/Referral Program"

I've been in retail/wholesale for decades and I know the business of selling photography inside and out. Serious detailed inquiries only, please.

*Commissions are for print sales only. Not for custom photography services.

*A 1099 tax form issued for yearly commissions of $600 or more.

*Payment schedule is based on individual preferences.

Open an account on my website so you can save favorites. This makes it easy to relocate them.

*Contact me before ordering so I can set up the proper pricing for display prints*

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